Who We Are

Major Care Ministries (MCM) in 2015 was incorporated as a non-profit organization in Cleveland, Ohio. We established a community Hot Meals, Senior Produce and Free Clothes programs in partnership with the Greater Cleveland Food Bank and other Community Partners. Through these programs we have established relationships in the community by serving approximately 3000 individuals and families every 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. Recognizing that the needs of the community are not solely limited to the provision of food MCM has continually endeavored to expand its services to meet those varied needs.

In 2017 MCM developed our Concession Stand Project in partnership with the Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Cleveland Browns. This program created the opportunity to develop work skills and self-esteem in our workforce of individuals, many of whom were in recovery programs in the area, through education, training, and income support. Programs producing a reciprocity of support by community participation while MCM was lending support to the community.  In 2018 we added our Senior Program to our list of services. This program was designed to assist senior with remaining independent in their homes. Through this program seniors are provided free groceries with free delivery service, wellness checks, light home maintenance, and community referral service. In 2019 and throughout 2020 into 2021 MCM has incorporated serving hot lunch along with the food and clothes giveaway and bringing in musical entertainment for special events to foster relationships as well as providing toys for the children in the holiday season.

MCM continues to look for and investigate meaningful community-based programs and events drawing volunteers from both neighboring and outlying communities with loving hearts and fresh ideas enlarging our ranks and our capacity to serve.  It is the hope and the agenda of MCM to implement a youth tutoring and mentoring program to hopefully lessen the widening education disparity created by the pandemic and virtual learning.

Major Care Ministries is committed to providing the highest quality services to the individuals and families we serve. Every person in the organization, from the Executive Director to the newest member of our corporate family, will strive to adhere to the founding principles which requires every service to be delivered with loving and concerned hearts.